French Romance in winter Paris.

Visiting Paris in winter is something to remember. Some travelers may prefer Paris when it sizzles but some like it better when it drizzles. Winter in Paris is often rainy, so it’s a damp cold. Even I had to struggle with my wet boots and my broken umbrella, but that made it super interesting. I think rain in Paris –the city of LOVE-  adds to its romantic mood.

In the rain, I saw a lot of couples looking so in love, touching each other’s hands, starring into each other’s eyes -with deep passion- everywhere, and I too feel very lovey dovey myself there. HA! Let’s face it, simple things like strolling in parks and stare at paintings, when it’s done in Paris; surely spark romance.

Ilsa: “But what about us?”

Rick: “We’ll always have Paris”

-Casablanca, 1942

“Paris loves lovers.”

-Silk Stockings, 1957

The most unique romantic thing to me is this pedestrian bridge crossing the Seine river called ‘Passerelle des Arts’, where couples lock padlocks onto the chain link fence on the bridge, which crosses from the left bank to the Louvre museum. The love padlocks, called ‘cadenas d’amour’, multiplied until there’re thousands of them, each one with an engraved message of love. After locking the padlock onto the fence, the lovers tossed the keys into the Seine River – a sign of eternal love. I did that tooo!!! Sooooo romantic!!!! Jadi di jembatan ini, ada ribuan gembok yang udah ditulisin nama pasangan n pesan pesan cinta lainnya, dan kuncinya dibuang di sungai…setiap pasangan yang datang ke Paris biasanya nggak lupa untuk mampir ke sini dan masang gembok sendiri…nyaris nggak ada lagi tempat untuk naro gembok baru, karena udah penuh! Romantis banget loh rasanya berdiri di jembatan penuh gembok cinta ini.

Another romance experience is climbing the top of Montparnasse Tower  – Top of Paris (18 Euro per person). When I climbed this tower, the queue was only less than an hour, but the view was out of my mind. The difference from Eiffel is that you can actually look at the Eiffel from this highest roof terrace in Paris (you can’t do it from Eiffel, right? 😀 ). SOOOO PRETTYYYY!! One of the nicest thing my eyes have ever seen. With your love one, in the cold winter, you both can gaze to the beautiful beige color city of Paris, 360 degrees view unlimited. Hmmmm

I am telling you, once you get a chance to experience this French romance in Paris, you will crave for more. To make it more perfect, try sitting in the small café, drinking latté with delicious French desserts while watching Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame from a distance while holding hands with your love one…. Believe me you don’t need flowers or poetry to add to it. The air of love is so thick in Paris, you can cut it with a knife.

Oh…I’m in love!

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for a moment there, Paris was all ours, only. -@shiningliv

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