Hi, my name is Olive Latuputty and you can call me OLIVE.

I am a Wife, a SINGER, a Master of Ceremony, a Blogger, a Song Writer, a Travel Enthusiast, and overall a blessed woman. This website is my travel blog, though sometimes I write about some other stuff too. I blog because I want to remember stuff in details and always be grateful for everything🙂. Hope my travel writings can inspire you to travel more. 

As  a singer, I have two solo jazz albums called ‘YOU’ and ‘FANTASY’. I also have two singles released in all Digital Platforms called “U-UH SONG” and “DIPELUK RASA”. You can check them up! I sing mostly in jazz gigs, weddings, company events, and also at Church for ministries.

I am a lead singer for my band, called PARKDRIVE. Our latest album, “Make it Last” was released in 2019.

I am a Master of Ceremony or MC mostly for company events and weddings.

I also have years of experience working as a Radio Announcer and as a Presenter for several TV stations in Jakarta.

If you want to reach me – work related – to SING, to Write, to Travel, or to HOST in your event, please send an email to burningliv@gmail.com or simply follow my instagram account @shiningliv or my twitter account @olivelatuputty and write me a message there.

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Enjoy the story and images on this site, but please respect my copyrights. Taking them and placing them on your own web site is a violation of copyright laws, and is a theft. If by any chance you would like to use something from this site, please be polite and ask.

Thank you everyone, God bless you all and Happy Reading!



*photo by: Sianny W

– www.siannywidyasari.com

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