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Robin van Persie & my Muiderslot Castle Trip!

The Oranje a.k.a the Netherlands Football National Team came to Indonesia for a friendly match a few weeks ago. Of course I came to see them play. I am half Ambonese from my father’s side, and it’s a golden rule for every Ambonese to root for the Netherlands team (I don’t know why actually..hahaha!) Anyways, I got 2 VIP tickets to watch the friendly match.

Sebagai orang Ambon, gue menunaikan kewajiban untuk dateng ke pertandingan persahabatan sepakbola antar Timnas Indonesia dengan Timnas Belanda yang dateng ke Jakarta beberapa minggu lalu...

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Ngintip, Peeking thru a keyhole in ROME.

One of the last places I went to in Rome is Piazza of the Knights of Malta. I was saving the best for last actually. Been really eager to find out about this unique ‘peeking’ attraction in Rome. Since the first time I read about this place, my curiosity piqued.

Hari terakhir di kota Roma, gue pergi ke Piazza of the Knights of Malta. Ini tempat bener-bener seratus persen bikin penasaran, dan sebenarnya gue sangat nggak sabar untuk bisa sampai kesini. Satu-satunya tempat di dunia dimana kita bisa menikmati pemandangan dengan cara MENGINTIP di lubang kunci!!

To describe the place a little bit, i...

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The Awesome Colosseum.

“The Romans were obsessed with blood. About 50 thousands people would come here and enjoy watching one man kill another man, or watching men vs animals in brutal bloody fights. Christians were also tortured and sentenced to terrible deaths like being stoned to death, crucified, fed to wild beasts, and burned alive in the Colosseum…..”

Tempat nomor satu yang harus didatangi turis di Roma ialah Colosseum. Teater pertunjukan raksasa kebanggan para arsitek Roma ini, terpilih menjadi salah satu dari 7 keajaiban dunia di tahun 2007...

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What to eat in Paris?

Paris is a foodie town, both for the fans of the finer things in life as well as for those more intent on casual culinary treats. I just wanna share some delicious food, drink and snacks I found during my visit to Paris.

Paris adalah salah satu kota penuh kuliner enak. Ada yang suka makan ala restoran di Paris, ada juga yang suka makanan pinggir jalan. Buat gue sih dua-duanya boleh, yang penting enak. Ada beberapa makanan dan minuman yang gue coba di Paris dan pengen gue ceritain.

The first is Crepes...

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me and Milan’s Piazza del Duomo

On January 3rd 2013, I arrived in Milan safely. The first place I went to in Milan was Piazza del Duomo. It’s the real centre of Milan. The Cathedral of Piazza del Duomo is the city symbol and the plaza outside is massive enough to become a central meeting point for everyone. I came here several times during my Milan visit. So pretty and totally a must-see if in Milan.

Tempat pertama yang gue datengin di Milan adalah Piazza del Duomo, pusat kota Milan. Letaknya bener-bener di tengah kota, jadi kayak jantung nya Milan...

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me & Swiss Snow at Grindelwald Ski Resort

A little snowy story when I was in Switzerland. The plan was to have some ski lessons in the mountains, but the reality was a little different 😀 Anyway, basically there are around 30 ski resorts in Switzerland. The most expensive ones are “St. Moritz”, “Gstaad”, “Flims Laax Farela”, and “Zermatt” (the most successful resort).

I wanted to go to St. Moritz cause it’s the most familiar one for me, but like I just said, it’s expensive!!! so I needed to find a more affordable one, which also nearer to my position, at the Jungfrau Mountain region...

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Belanja ‘Swiss Knife’ di Interlaken, Swiss

Hari ini jadwal di Swiss ialah jalan-jalan ke Interlaken. Yippi! Gue udah lama denger tentang tempat ini, sekarang baru kesampain mampir. Kita nggak mau nyasar, jadi harus pakai GPS dari ibukota Swiss, Bern. Ternyata walaupun sudah pakai GPS tetep aja keputer-puter karena ada perbaikan jalan di beberapa tempat, jadi rute-nya beda. Tapi enaknya nyasar di Swiss ialah nemuin tempat-tempat yang super keren. Jadi walau nyasar dan muter-muter tetep aja hepi.

Begitu sampai ke Interlaken, hal pertama yang langsung bisa gue lihat ialah kegiatan outdoornya yang memang terkenal disini...

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My Road Trip in Swiss ^^

Driving in Switzerland was such a lovely experience…especially when it’s winter! I got to witness God’s amazing creation while driving along the Swiss alpine roads. The astonishing views of lakes, mountains and picturesque villages were just crazily pretty. Imagine the breathtaking views of JungFrau, Eiger and Monch Mountains, all covered in white….. ah, I think some of Europe’s best scenery can be found here in Swiss. Seriously, for a girl who lives in polluted Jakarta City every day, it was like driving to another dimension of life. HA!

Menyetir (atau kalau dalam kasus gue, disetiri...

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Hello Switzerland!!

Hello Switzerland!!

I almost screamed as my train approaching Lugano’s train station. O gosh, this is beyond exciting. We purchased “Trenitalia” (Italy Train Company) train tickets from Milan, Italiy to Lugano, Switzerland for 12 Euro each. The length of journey is less than 1,5 hours and the train passes some awesome views; one of them is the city of Como and its lake. Believe me, even only glancing from a moving train, Lake Como is stunning. No wonder George Clooney purchased a huge mansion facing the Como Lake and parades it often to the girls.

Gue nyaris ngejerit begitu kereta gue s...

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Happy New Year 2013 from Paris!

Yep, I made it all the way to Paris this New Year. Counting down in front of the Eiffel Tower finally happened. Though I never actually did the counting, since it was a very busy night, so suddenly it was already 2013, everyone cheered in the drizzly night, and I drank my champagne while staring at the sparkling tower right in front of me! 😀

Yes, gue ada di Paris tahun ini untuk ngerayain tahun baru. Rasanya kayak mimpi. Kudu di cubit beberapa kali untuk mastiin kalo gue bener-bener ada di Paris, kota impian hampir seluruh umat di bumi...

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