singing at Locafore Jazz Fest

It’s a HOT Sunday! Thank goodness I chose to put on this white t-shirt earlier instead of the dark grey one. It really makes a difference I guess. Walking around sweating, I try to find my stage.

Locafore is an annual Art, Design, and Jazz Festival held in Kota Baru Parahyangan Bandung. People come here to see free jazz performances and check out some showcases of fine art, designs, handicrafts and photography. Interesting, right? 2012 is its third year and they have some local’s big names like Tompi, Barry Likumahuwa, the Groove and Margie Segers performing here. While me, I get to have my very first taste of Locafore performing with my fave band at the moment, Starlite.

The group consists of three beautiful and talented girls, Sheila on Bass, Rieke on Keyboard and the well-known 19 years old drummer, Alsa. It’s great to be able to help introducing to the audience Starlite’s 2 new singles from their upcoming album, plus one extra song. Excited.

Finally find the stage, HERE WE GO. It goes well and the audience’s nice. After the singing, We are given a very cozy tour bus to chill and eat quietly after performance and press conference. We are also given a very helpful Liaison Officer. Fine.


One thing I like the most about this jazz event is the loud speaker everywhere. We can hear the hype on stage while shopping for some souvenirs; drinking coffee and watching some painters do their magic. In some area, we can even watch the show live with a projector. It’s pretty handy. Me myself, I get to chat with my photographers friends who sell their work here, accompany my boyfriend hunt some objects to shoot with his camera, enjoy my yogurt, watch ‘the bubble man’ showing off his tricks to some little children, buy some cool ‘jazz the way you are’ t-shirts –do it all with Jubing’s (one of Indonesia’s finest guitarist) music on stage as the back sound.

Maybe I’ll come back again next year to sing or simply just to enjoy the music and art. As for today, 3,5 hours spent here is enough. It’s time to go home.



 “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time” – Thomas M –









photos taken by M.I

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