Kuliner di Makan Sutra Gluttons Bay: Food+View in Singapore

Ini adalah tempat makan wajib untuk dikunjungin kalo gue ke Singapura. Walau udah keliling-keliling kesana kemari, biasanya selalu ada waktu yang disempetin untuk kuliner di Makan Sutra Gluttons Bay.

Bertempat di bawah taburan bintang (kalo lagi keliatan bintangnya hahahah), tempat yang terdiri dari berbagai jenis kios makanan ini menjual ‘Chicken Wings’ atau sayap ayam paling enak yang pernah gue coba. Dengan harga Rp.10.500 per potong, gue biasa memesan lebih dari 10 buah. Selain itu ada juga ‘Bbq Chili Stingray’ alias Ikan Pari pedas yang dipanggang. Waduh gawat yang satu ini. Enak banget!! Mereka menjual satu ikan pari ukuran medium seharga Rp.94.000. Dimakan sambil ditemani es kelapa lemon, oh enaknya.

// Every time we go to Singapore, we stop by here. No matter what we eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner; we will squeeze time to eat again here at night.

This open-air, moonlit food centre, in our opinion, has the best chicken wings ever! (Huat Huat BBQ Chicken Wings, $1.30 per piece for a minimum order of three pieces). We usually order more than 10 pieces. 😀 It also has a -to die for- ‘bbq chili stingray’ dish (medium size for $12/US$ 10). Yap, I am talking about Makan Sutra Glutton’s Bay at Esplanade. I don’t care if the Singaporeans say that there are a lot of other places that offer more delicious food than here. For me as a tourist, it’s a complete package spot. That’s important. For drinks, I recommend young coconut water with some ice, served with a lemon slice. FRESH. //

Kuliner di Makan Sutra Gluttons Bay
best bbq sting ray, ever!


Tempat ini buka sampai diatas jam 12 malam, dan biasanya sih selalu ramai. Gue sering beruntung pas dateng, pas dapat tempat duduk paling pojok luar. Dari spot itu, sambil makan gue bisa langsung menikmati pemandangan Hotel Marina Bay Sands plus lampu-lampu yang berwarna warni.

Keren banget! Jadinya, selain dapat makanan enak, dapet juga pemandangan oke. Mangkanya gue suka banget tempat ini.

// This place mostly packed when we arrive, but somehow we always manage to get a corner seating, so that’s good. We gaze directly to the lights of Marina Bay Sands, which never fails to captivate. Adding up, recently there is a dancing fountain show plus LED light show every night at Marina Bay Sands, which you can see and hear while eating here. Superb. And after you eat, you can walk around at the Marina Bay waterfront promenade all the way to ‘Merlion Statue’ if you want, or just sit somewhere and enjoy the view of Singapore’s CBD (Central Business District) skyline until it’s late. Gor to the Geous. Gorgeous! 😀 //

kuliner di Makan Sutra Gluttons Bay
view from Makan Sutra Gluttons Bay


Untuk bisa sampai disini, cukup naik MRT ke Stasiun City Hall, terus dari situ jalan ke arah terusan Esplanade. Gue nggak peduli kalau orang-orang Singapura bilang bahwa tempat ini kurang bagus atau kurang enak.

Karena buat gue, kuliner di Makan Sutra Gluttons Bay ini selalu wajib dan  akan selalu jadi favorit. 

// If you plan to come here, it only takes a-10 minutes walk from the City Hall MRT Station (walk towars Esplanade link way); or you can drop off at the Esplanade MRT Station as well. Pretty near from there. The turn off of this place is probably when it’s over crowded, the limited choice of good drinks, and the toilet. If you put those aside, you’ll love it here, I promise. Hear that they will do some renovation on October this year, so it must be to get even better, right? Their opeartional hours are from 5pm to 2 (or 3am-ish). Don’t miss this one if you visit SG.//

Let food be your medicine for the day

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