My Fave Manadonese Restaurant

Okay, I gotta give it to this one. This restaurant’s name is Beautika and yes, it’s by far the best Manadonese Restaurant in Jakarta (I usually go to the one at Hang Lekir Street). It’s quite pricey, but the food is absolutely mouth watering. If you’re Manadonese, name your fave food and it’s there (sadly they only sell ‘hallal’ food, so no pork dish, ladies and gentlemen). But I am telling you, you won’t miss pork if you eat here, cause they have so many other good stuff. The Manadonese says the food is “berani bumbu” or “bold with spices”. Anyways, my late lunch this Sunday at Beautika started with a bit of disappointment actually, because they are running out of my fave meal, which is fish roe cooked inside banana leaf. It’s soooo good! 😀  But it’s out so I should be happy with what they have left.

So out of many choices, me and boyfriend ordered “Telur Ikan Cekalang woku”, “Sayur Bunga Pepaya”, “Ikan Cekalang saos Rica”, “Soun Goreng”, “Ayam Saut” -it’s banana’s stem cooked with chicken-  “Ikan Roa Saus” and “Ayam Kecap” plus 3 portions of jasmine rice -1,5 portions each:D- How about that? We’re actually about to order some more when we got the same line from the waiter, that we get a lot every time we eat here “Are you sure you want to order some more? I think it’s already so many..” ha! Don’t worry Mas, we’ll Finish them all…

Every meal here comes with a chili tag. One chili for medium spicy, two chili for spicy and three chili for super spicy and of course no chili tag means no spicy at all. You don’t wanna order the three chili tag if you cannot handle the heat! Seriously! If you want a normal nice eating experience without the burning sensation that tortures, go for the one or two chili tag max! As for the portion, you can order half portion like we usually do for a chance to taste more dish, with smaller portion but with half price.

After the main course, here comes the yummy dessert, “Es Kacang Merah with Durian” (red bean ice with durian). Perfect! They also have many different kinds of Manadonese desserts, but our personal favorite dessert here is always the red bean. Overall, we have to pay Rp. 304.920 (plus tax).  But who cares about the price if you are happy with the food,right? Oh Beautika, why’d you have to be so good?

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i crave food that reminds me of home. @shiningliv

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  1. whoa looks nice! where is this resto located at?

    1. Jakarta, Hang Lekir st:)

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