Go Organic and MSG Free!

Update: Since 2013, this restaurant has moved to a new location ,Jl Cikini Raya (infront of IKJ Campus) and my personal all time fave food written in this blog is no longer available in the menu. 🙁

I pass by this restaurant almost every day because it is located at Santa (Wolter Mongonsidi Street) -which is my almost daily route-, but never stopped until one time i accidentally read the sign of the restaurant, it says “Warung Daun-GO Organic and MSG Free!” hei, that sounds like me. I am a kind of girl who will do my best to cook without MSG and buy organic stuff. In that case, “I should stop by tomorrow!” I said to my self. And so I did, and now is probably my tenth visit for the last 6 months. The main reason of course because they are serving food without MSG and most of the vegies and spices they use come from their own organic farm (Banyu Milih Organic Farm in Sukagalih Bogor). But the other reason is because the food is okay, or you can say – good.

My fave menu here is “Bang Jo Beef Tongue”. I thought the Bang Jo is a name of a person. But it actually stands for Abang (means red) and Ijo (means green) referring to two different sambal or chilli served with the tender and moist beef tongue. Simply the best tongue i have ever tasted. I mean chilli beef tongue. Haha! As for my boyfriend, his fave is “Fried Gourami Fish” (Rp.64.000), but I am not ordering any of those two on my visit for lunch today (they ran out of beef tongue (hiks) and my boyfriend ain’t eating). I ordered “Bang Jo Mashed Beef” (recommended by the waitress but not on the menu so I don’t know the price), “Tempe Penyet” (Rp.19.000), and fresh raw mixed vegetables (Rp.11.000) plus rice (they have ‘red rice’ and ‘liwet rice’ here but i go for the normal ‘jasmine rice’) and a cup of hot tea, no sugar. Nice enough.

real spices as the entrance table decoration


me, waiting for my orders.


The other recommended item is “Stir fried Shrimp with Pete” (Rp.48.000), “Savory Shrimp rice” (Rp.64.000) and “Ice Coconut mixed with Medan Orange juice” (Rp.28.000) -for drinks-, while the unrecommended item is “Grilled Banana with Honey and Cheese” (Rp.24.000) for dessert. They use the wrong type of banana i think, cause i ordered it twice and they both tasted the same, we call it sepet, or raw tasted. Even the chease couldn’t save it.

On a normal lunch time, this place is quite crowded but not that crowded. You can always find a seat in this 2 story building just like today. In total, i have to pay around Rp. 113.000, tax included for me alone. Ah,it is a little pricey here. Maybe it’s the extra effort on transporting those fresh organic ingredients from Bogor 😀 . Well i will come back though..I am a sucker for organic stuff.

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