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SEI Paling Enak Di Kupang


Selamat datang di Kupang. Ibukota SE’I dunia. Buat yang belum tau se’i itu apa, itu adalah sejenis daging asap...

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Go Organic and MSG Free!

Update: Since 2013, this restaurant has moved to a new location ,Jl Cikini Raya (infront of IKJ Campus) and my personal all time fave food written in this blog is no longer available in the menu...

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Bumen, your Tongseng rawks!

Here is the scenario...

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DEER meat in KOI Kemang!

venison meat in Jakarta

Another fave spot in Kemang, Jakarta. I first came to KOI several years ago at my best friend’s farewell party. I recognized the good quality of the food back then...

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