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SEI Paling Enak Di Kupang


Selamat datang di Kupang. Ibukota SE’I dunia. Buat yang belum tau se’i itu apa, itu adalah sejenis daging asap. Bayangin daging berbumbu rempah diiris panjang dan diletakkan diatas tumpukan kayu dan daun, lalu dibawahnya ada api yang membara. Fungsi api bukan untuk memasak langsung, tapi mengeluarkan asap panas yang bikin daging tadi matang. Hasilnya? Asli ENAK banget.

Gue sibuk nanya orang lokal, mana sei paling enak di Kupang. Ada yang bilang ini, itu, anu…. dan tugas gue ialah mencoba semua yang mereka bilang.

Om Ba’i.

Ini adalah tempat se’i legendaris karena katanya ini adalah tem...

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Go Organic and MSG Free!

Update: Since 2013, this restaurant has moved to a new location ,Jl Cikini Raya (infront of IKJ Campus) and my personal all time fave food written in this blog is no longer available in the menu. 🙁

I pass by this restaurant almost every day because it is located at Santa (Wolter Mongonsidi Street) -which is my almost daily route-, but never stopped until one time i accidentally read the sign of the restaurant, it says “Warung Daun-GO Organic and MSG Free!” hei, that sounds like me. I am a kind of girl who will do my best to cook without MSG and buy organic stuff...

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Bumen, your Tongseng rawks!

Here is the scenario. One day my boyfriend played soccer with his buddies for 90 minutes, scored 3 goals, extremely tired and hungry, drove more than 15 km to central of Jakarta from the South area for an event, and from there they stopped by at this restaurant to eat. It’s his friend’s fave place in the area. I gotta phone call that night from him saying “You gotta try this one, Babe..the fried rice is sooo goood! So as the boiled noodles and the *tongseng!!”. Wow! Really? It’s been a while since he got so excited over food like that, especially fried rice, cause he likes that dish...

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DEER meat in KOI Kemang!

inside KOI Kemang

Another fave spot in Kemang, Jakarta. I first came to KOI several years ago at my best friend’s farewell party. I recognized the good quality of the food back then. But these past two years on my second, third, and so on visit with my boyfriend, I really became a regular of this restaurant. They seriously have lots of nice food in store. Combined with a great vibe and comfortable seating, KOI is probably our top 5 choice of places to dine in Jakarta. Finding a parking spot  outside the building is tricky sometimes, especially on busy weekends, but we always managed.

What t...

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