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Amazing Art in Sistine Chapel – Vatican Museum


Gak sah kalau sudah ada di Roma-Vatican City tapi nggak mampir ke tempat yang satu ini. Namanya ialah Sistine Chapel...

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2 of my Fave Restaurants in ROME


Waktu gue di Roma, uang habis bukan buat belanja melainkan buat MAKAN. Gue sukaaa banget makanan Italia jadi puas-puasin nyobain resto lokal yang ada di Roma dalam rangka bikin lidah bahagia.

Plus s...

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Jalan-jalan ke Vatican City, Negara Terkecil di Dunia

Asap putih mengepul dari cerobong asap Sistine Chapel Vatican, yang berarti telah terpilihlah seorang Paus baru, seorang Argentina bernama Jorge Bergoglio...

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Ngintip, Peeking thru a keyhole in ROME.

One of the last places I went to in Rome is Piazza of the Knights of Malta. I was saving the best for last actually. Been really eager to find out about this unique ‘peeking’ attraction in Rome...

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The Awesome Colosseum.

“The Romans were obsessed with blood. About 50 thousands people would come here and enjoy watching one man kill another man, or watching men vs animals in brutal bloody fights...

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me and Milan’s Piazza del Duomo

On January 3rd 2013, I arrived in Milan safely. The first place I went to in Milan was Piazza del Duomo. It’s the real centre of Milan...

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Berkunjung ke San Siro & Ketemu Paolo Maldini- the story.

berkunjung ke san siro

A month ago, early in January 2013, I traveled to Milan, Italy. There are a few things I remember clearly about Milan.

Sebulan yang lalu di Januari 2013, gue berangkat ke Milan, Italia...

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