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HongKong – Food! (photos)

Talk about Chinese Food in HongKong…. well, the food in HongKong is certainly better than the food I had when visiting mainland China – in my opinion. But it still comes second compare to the food I had in Taiwan. But that’s just according to me.

If you travel to HongKong, their street food is one of the city’s unique experiences. You can tell that the culinary roots run deep through the foundation of the city and there’s so much to discover. I heard, HongKong have more than 10,000 Chinese restaurants, noodle shops and street food stalls. Sadis! Banyak yang enak emang....

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my half day in MACAU

Let’s talk about Macau. I was in HongKong and I thought a half day trip to Macau would be awesome. I didn’t plan to gamble or visiting casinos, it’s more like a trip to satisfy my curiosity on how Macau would look like. So I made time to do that.

MACAU! Mumpung gue lagi di Hongkong, gue memutuskan untuk pergi ke Macau selama beberapa jam. Bukan buat judi ya, hehehe..buat liat-liat kotanya doang. Waktu bangun pagi males-malesan banget dan nyaris nggak pengen berangkat karena ddiiingginn dan mendung. Suhu diluar 12 derajat, dan jam masih menunjukkan jam 7 pagi. Semalemnya begadang pula...

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My solo escape to HONGKONG (part 2)

This is part 2 of my HongKong getaway story. HK was very fascinating to me.

Ini adalah bagian kedua tentang cerita jalan-jalan sendirian gue di Hongkong.

My third day in HK, I checked out from my crappy ‘hotel’ and moved to a real one, 10 times better of course, in Wan Chai area. Comfy! From there I took MRT to Central Exchange Square, and found bus number 6. I needed this bus to take me for a ride outside the city, around 45 mins away, to the beach! YES, HK does have some charming beaches. First stop was Stanley...

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Kabur ke HONGKONG alone. (part 1)

It’s Chinese New Year 2012! And I thought wouldn’t it be great if I go to Hongkong and enjoy the festive there? So I planned my trip, alone, to Hongkong. Well I used to travel by myself a lot everywhere in the world anyway, so I’d do it again this time. Okay… I got everything planned and written down, so I thought I’d be fine. I flew to Singapore and had a few hours transit before flying to Hongkong. So I took my time..lalala..blablabla.. tralala..relax..relax..and guess what happened? Yup, I missed my flight.

Tahun Baru Cina 2012! Gue pikir ini adalah waktu sempurna untuk jalan-jal...

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