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me & Swiss Snow at Grindelwald Ski Resort

A little snowy story when I was in Switzerland. The plan was to have some ski lessons in the mountains, but the reality was a little different 😀 Anyway, basically there are around 30 ski resorts in Switzerland. The most expensive ones are “St. Moritz”, “Gstaad”, “Flims Laax Farela”, and “Zermatt” (the most successful resort).

I wanted to go to St. Moritz cause it’s the most familiar one for me, but like I just said, it’s expensive!!! so I needed to find a more affordable one, which also nearer to my position, at the Jungfrau Mountain region...

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Berkunjung ke San Siro & Ketemu Paolo Maldini- the story.

berkunjung ke san siro

A month ago, early in January 2013, I traveled to Milan, Italy. There are a few things I remember clearly about Milan.

Sebulan yang lalu di Januari 2013, gue berangkat ke Milan, Italia. Ada beberapa hal yang akan selalu gue inget tentang kota ini.

First, the super delicious coffee that’s probably the best coffee I have ever had in my life (no wonder the founder of Starbucks was inspired by Milan back in 1983)- ; second, the Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Last Supper” painting in Santa Maria Della Grazie Church; which got me really upset because it was so hard to book a tour to the Chapel (seriously!!!...

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Belanja ‘Swiss Knife’ di Interlaken, Swiss

Hari ini jadwal di Swiss ialah jalan-jalan ke Interlaken. Yippi! Gue udah lama denger tentang tempat ini, sekarang baru kesampain mampir. Kita nggak mau nyasar, jadi harus pakai GPS dari ibukota Swiss, Bern. Ternyata walaupun sudah pakai GPS tetep aja keputer-puter karena ada perbaikan jalan di beberapa tempat, jadi rute-nya beda. Tapi enaknya nyasar di Swiss ialah nemuin tempat-tempat yang super keren. Jadi walau nyasar dan muter-muter tetep aja hepi.

Begitu sampai ke Interlaken, hal pertama yang langsung bisa gue lihat ialah kegiatan outdoornya yang memang terkenal disini...

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My Road Trip in Swiss ^^

Driving in Switzerland was such a lovely experience…especially when it’s winter! I got to witness God’s amazing creation while driving along the Swiss alpine roads. The astonishing views of lakes, mountains and picturesque villages were just crazily pretty. Imagine the breathtaking views of JungFrau, Eiger and Monch Mountains, all covered in white….. ah, I think some of Europe’s best scenery can be found here in Swiss. Seriously, for a girl who lives in polluted Jakarta City every day, it was like driving to another dimension of life. HA!

Menyetir (atau kalau dalam kasus gue, disetiri...

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Hello Switzerland!!

Hello Switzerland!!

I almost screamed as my train approaching Lugano’s train station. O gosh, this is beyond exciting. We purchased “Trenitalia” (Italy Train Company) train tickets from Milan, Italiy to Lugano, Switzerland for 12 Euro each. The length of journey is less than 1,5 hours and the train passes some awesome views; one of them is the city of Como and its lake. Believe me, even only glancing from a moving train, Lake Como is stunning. No wonder George Clooney purchased a huge mansion facing the Como Lake and parades it often to the girls.

Gue nyaris ngejerit begitu kereta gue s...

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Happy New Year 2013 from Paris!

Yep, I made it all the way to Paris this New Year. Counting down in front of the Eiffel Tower finally happened. Though I never actually did the counting, since it was a very busy night, so suddenly it was already 2013, everyone cheered in the drizzly night, and I drank my champagne while staring at the sparkling tower right in front of me! 😀

Yes, gue ada di Paris tahun ini untuk ngerayain tahun baru. Rasanya kayak mimpi. Kudu di cubit beberapa kali untuk mastiin kalo gue bener-bener ada di Paris, kota impian hampir seluruh umat di bumi...

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French Romance in winter Paris.

Visiting Paris in winter is something to remember. Some travelers may prefer Paris when it sizzles but some like it better when it drizzles. Winter in Paris is often rainy, so it’s a damp cold. Even I had to struggle with my wet boots and my broken umbrella, but that made it super interesting. I think rain in Paris –the city of LOVE-  adds to its romantic mood.

In the rain, I saw a lot of couples looking so in love, touching each other’s hands, starring into each other’s eyes -with deep passion- everywhere, and I too feel very lovey dovey myself there...

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A walk in the fish town, Volendam!

Every Indonesian will usually visit Volendam if they go to Holland. It’s a small town, thirty minutes away by bus from Amsterdam (bus number 116 or 118 from outside Central Station). As an Indonesian, of course I took time to visit as well. My first impression of this town was that it was really adorable. It looked like a fake town, like a setting in a movie or something. 😀 Luckily it’s winter, so it wasn’t nearly as busy as I’m sure it gets in the middle of summer.

Denger-denger sih hampir semua orang Indo yang ke Belanda pasti sempet-sempetin mampir ke kota ini. Volendam namanya...

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Wander around in lovely Utrecht.

Waking up in Utrecth (Utrecht is the fourth largest city in the Netherlands), one of my fave cities, felt really good.  “I am finally in Utrecht! Yeay!”.  After breakfast, I took a bus to the city center of Utrecth. There was a large open air market this Friday. Food, shoes, clothings, fresh flowers, and many others. I almost bought a pair of simple boots for 25 euro and I swear I regret that I didn’t buy them…huhuhu….

Bangun pagi di kota Utrecht, kota terbesar keempat di Belanda. Ini kota walaupun baru sekarang gue kunjungin sudah punya reputasi yang bagus banget dari dulu...

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mengalami Amsterdam..the sin city.

Gue menghabiskan beberapa hari setelah Natal di Amsterdam. Secara pribadi, diluar semua keindahan kota, gue berpikir bahwa Amsterdam cocok menyandang gelar sebagai salah satu “kota dosa” alias sin city di dunia. WHY? Kayaknya banyak yang udah tau kenapa. Kali ini, gue punya kesempatan ngeliat sendiri

I spent a few days after Christmas 2012 in Amsterdam. It’s a beautiful touristy city. But personally, I prefer calling it the sin city. I think you know why.

Dimana lagi coba, kita bisa jalan di pusat kota dimana kanan kirinya banyak “Coffee Shops”. Eh, itu artinya bukan tempat kopi yaaa… “Coffee...

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