Liburan di Boracay Filipina, A Paradise With White Cold Sand

Gue dapet kado ulang tahun yang sangat menyenangkan tahun ini berupa terbang ke Filipina dan menghabiskan waktu di sebuah pantai yang sangat terkenal disana bernama Boracay. YESS, liburan di Boracay Filipina!! Bayangin ada pantai berpasir putih bersih sepanjang 4 km lengkap dengan pohon-pohon kelapa, air laut yang jernih, lingkungan bersih dan suasana yang seru. Kurang lebih seperti itulah Boracay. Woohoo! Cannot wait !

I got an amazing present for my’s a ticket to go to this paradise hidden in Asia, called Boracay Island, in the Philippines. 4 km of beautiful white milk powder sanded beach..coconut trees, super clear blue water, and a peaceful clean environment..awesome!

Kita terbang dari Singapura ke Cebu-FIlipina, terus lanjut terbang lagi pake pesawat baling-baling ke sebuah airport bernama Caticlan. Begitu turun di airport yang kecil tapi cukup modern ini, kita langsung di’palak’ sama petugas disitu. Disuruh bayar biaya macem-macem untuk bisa sampai di Boracay. Ada ongkos becak motor ke pelabuhan, ongkos ferry untuk nyebrang, ongkos lingkungan, ongkos pajak tambahan dan lain-lain. Gila, banyak banget ya karcis-karcisnya. HA! Harus hati-hati banget nih karcis dipegang dan harus tau karcis apa untuk dikasih kemana. Kalau sampai ketuker, bisa-bisa bayar dua kali soalnya. Huf!

We arrived on Wednesday morning in Caticlan airport from Singapore with Cebu Pasifc Airlines (transfer in Cebu). We’re using the propeller plane to get there. The airport is small but modern, and we’re informed that we have to pay several fees (tricycle fee, ferry to Boracay island fee, environmental fee, and a few others) Yep! A lot of tickets, almost got us a bit confused. Ha! Hold on tight to your tickets and know each one of them cause some people there might trick you into paying something you already payed (they did try).

Untuk menyebrang dari Caticlan ke Boracay kita harus naik ferry yang lebih mirip kapal nelayan selama 15 menit. Dari situ naik becak motor lagi ke pantainya seharga Rp.25 ribuan. Semua supir becak motor disini hafal nama setiap hotel yang ada di Boracay (jumlah penginapan disini ada ratusan loh). Cukup disebutin aja, mereka akan tau hotel itu lokasinya ada di Stasiun 1, 2 atau 3. Boracay memang terbagi atas 3 stasiun atau 3 wilayah. Stasiun 3 adalah yang paling sepi di pojokan (tempat gue nginep), stasiun 2 adalah pusat hiburan untuk have fun dan party, dan stasiun 1 adalah yang paling jauh. Begitu sampai di hotel gue, dan ngeliat pantai Boracay di depan mata untuk pertama kali, gue langsung terpana. My gosh, ini BAGUS banget!

Crossing to Boracay from Caticlan only took less than 15 minutes by a fishing boat and we arrived in Borayay port welcomed by so many tricycles. Pick one, pay em 100 pesos (100 pesos=US$ 2,3) and you’re good to go. The tricycle drivers know each name of the hotel in the island from the back of their hand. So just name it, they’ll take u there. Our hotel located in station 3, which is the nearest one from the port. They have 3 stations in the white beach area. Station 3 is the quietest among all, and station 2 is where the parties are, and station 1 is the furthest one. But no worries, you can walk along the beach to get from each station to the other or take tricycles from the main road if you’re too lazy to walk. And as soon as we’re there, this is the view we got as i described earlier and even better in reality…heaven!

Liburan di Boracay Filipina

Liburan di Boracay Filipina

Baruuu aja satu jam mulai liburan di Boracay Filipina, langsung diwarnai kepanikan yang luar biasa karena begitu ngeluarin kamera, tenryata semua memory card kamera nggak ada satupun yang kebawa. Mau nangis! Tempat segini kerennya masa’ gak foto-foto? hiks. HP gue kan kameranya nggak bagusss. HUHUHU…

Untung pas jalan ke stasiun 2, disana ada ‘D Mall’ yang ngejual berbagai macam hal. Dari toko baju, makanan sampai perlengkapan kamera ada semua. Lega.

Dari semua hal asik di Boracay, yang paling gue suka ialah pasirnya. Putih susu, halus dan bersih. Wah. Bukan cuma itu, pasir Boracay terkenal unik karena sama sekali nggak menyerap panas. Jadi walau matahari lagi panas-panasnya, pasirnya dingin banget! Gue bisa main air trus tiduran di pasir selama berjam-jam sambil bengong melihat pemandangan. Yang berkesan juga, di Boracay inilah pertama kalinya gue nginjek bulu babi. Sakit banget, tapi sejam kemudian udah lupa sakitnya dan main air lagi sampai gelap. Haha. Ohya, satu lagi nih yang tak terlupakan, sunset disini gokil bagusnya!

Puas banget nih di Boracay! Besok snorkeling yuk!

To me, three full days on the island is a crave for more. In the morning till late noon the beach is so inviting with its cold water and cold sand ( no matter how hot the temperature, the sand will stay cold!). I could stay in the water for hours and hours (one time I got stung by a sea urchin, and it was so painful..but an hour later I was already back in the water..I simply couldn’t resist it! 😀 ). One more thing, the sunset in Boracay was so stunning. From the beach line we witnessed a breath taking view, how the sun was slowly swallowed by the sea. Gorgeous!

At night time, we walked around passing by the fire dance shows, massage parlors, hair cornrows parlors, and the cafes and restaurants. Food hunt time! The island is so packed with good food, from local delicacies all the way to Mediterranean. From pork dish to fresh seafood. From local fruit shakes to starbucks. And they are GOOD! In three days we probably eat in around 14 different places. The best ones are Cyma (Greek food located in DMall station 2- super delicious moussaka there), Lemon Cafe (also at the D Mall- DMall is the only open space malls with small stores selling clothes, camera equipments, etc) and best spare ribs bbq ever at Gastoff (the entrace of D Mall). Not to mention the coconut shakes, mango shakes, salty corn, mojito, margarita, nachos at Manana Restaurant, chocolate cake at Zuzuni  Restaurant and must try lobsters and oysters at every corner. FULL!

The food is awesome here in Boracay. Let’s go snorkel tomorrow!

(please read my other post on snorkeling in Boracay)

Liburan di Boracay Filipina


WHOLE crispy skin roasted pork,, too scary for me, I didn’t try this one 😀


me and my ipad at midnight – Liburan di Boracay Filipina



You can shake the white sand from your feet, but the feel of it will stay on your soul – –@shiningliv

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