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The Awesome Colosseum.

“The Romans were obsessed with blood. About 50 thousands people would come here and enjoy watching one man kill another man, or watching men vs animals in brutal bloody fights. Christians were also tortured and sentenced to terrible deaths like being stoned to death, crucified, fed to wild beasts, and burned alive in the Colosseum…..”

Tempat nomor satu yang harus didatangi turis di Roma ialah Colosseum. Teater pertunjukan raksasa kebanggan para arsitek Roma ini, terpilih menjadi salah satu dari 7 keajaiban dunia di tahun 2007...

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My Underground River Tour story..

Akhiirrnya ke Underground River juga!

The moment to visit the famous Underground River of Palawan had finally arrived! We had to pre booked our tour one day before we reached Puerto Princesa for 1200 Pesos per person. We were considered lucky to be able to get our entry pass in a short notice, because some people literally book it months in advance in order to secure a place!! Well, since voted as one of the new 7 worlds Wonders of NATURE in November 2011, the Underground River got crazily crowded. Before it was famous, no more than 10 people daily came to Underground River...

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Suatu hari di the Mystical Ha Long Bay

Waktunya mengunjungi Ha Long Bay di Vietnam! Woohhooo!! Ha Long Bay terkenal sebagai salah satu warisan bersejarah dunia menurut badan PBB, UNESCO. Tahun lalu di 2011, tempat ini juga terpilih sebagai salah satu pemenang terbaru 7 keajaiban dunia kategori ALAM. Mangkanya lagi ngetop-ngetopnya nih tempat. Pas waktunya untuk dikunjungin.Seneng banget bisa liat salah satu keajaiban dunia nih!

Ha Long Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that makes it a very popular travel destination in Vietnam. Last year in 2011, it’s chosen as one of the winners of 7 new World’s Wonders of Nature...

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