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Cerita Dibalik Single Terbaru Olive Latuputty, Berjudul “U-UH SONG” yang Akhirnya Rilis!

U-uh song olive latuputty

Ini adalah cerita dibalik sebuah single yang baru gue rilis di dunia musik Indonesia, berjudul U-UH SONG.

Setelah bertahun-tahun tak mengeluarkan karya, AKHIRNYA tanggal 11 Mei 2018, di sebuah hari...

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Watching SONIC BANG Music Festival Bangkok


I flew to Bangkok again this August 2013 to watch the very FIRST International Music Festival that Bangkok has ever had, the Sonic Bang Music Festival...

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singing at Locafore Jazz Fest

It’s a HOT Sunday! Thank goodness I chose to put on this white t-shirt earlier instead of the dark grey one. It really makes a difference I guess. Walking around sweating, I try to find my stage.


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