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Watching SONIC BANG Music Festival Bangkok


I flew to Bangkok again this August 2013 to watch the very FIRST International Music Festival that Bangkok has ever had, the Sonic Bang Music Festival. Thai music fans had hoped long enough for this one to happen.

Bulan Agustus ini gue terbang ke Bangkok lagi untuk nonton festival musik bernama Sonic Bang Music Festival. Sementara di Indonesia udah sering banget ada segala jenis festival musik internasional dari segala genre baik rock, pop maupun jazz, di Thailand sama sekali belum pernah ada yang kayak begituan...

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singing at Locafore Jazz Fest

It’s a HOT Sunday! Thank goodness I chose to put on this white t-shirt earlier instead of the dark grey one. It really makes a difference I guess. Walking around sweating, I try to find my stage.

Locafore is an annual Art, Design, and Jazz Festival held in Kota Baru Parahyangan Bandung. People come here to see free jazz performances and check out some showcases of fine art, designs, handicrafts and photography. Interesting, right? 2012 is its third year and they have some local’s big names like Tompi, Barry Likumahuwa, the Groove and Margie Segers performing here...

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