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my Horse Riding! Pengalaman Equestrian Berkuda di Jakarta

Hari ini seru banget soalnya bisa nyobain hobi baru, berkuda...

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singing at Locafore Jazz Fest

It’s a HOT Sunday! Thank goodness I chose to put on this white t-shirt earlier instead of the dark grey one. It really makes a difference I guess. Walking around sweating, I try to find my stage.


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a date in Universal Studios Singapore

Me and my boyfriend decided to have a fun date last Monday. So we flew to Singapore and spent the whole day in Universal Studios Singapore. Woohhooo...

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my Jungle Trip to ‘Suku DAYAK’ (part 1)


Late of July 2012 was an important time, as I got the chance to visit the real Suku Dayak (Dayak Tribes). It was a journey to the center of the jungle of Kalimatan (Borneo).

Bulan Juli 2012 adalah wa...

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24 Hours in Bali for my Birthday…


15 Februari 2012, tepat di hari ulang tahun, gue mendarat di Bali pake pesawat baling-baling dari Surabaya. Berangkat jam 6, sampai jam 8 pagi. Ah, ini bakal jadi hari yang menyenangkan...

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a bestfriend wedding.

James and Christy’s wedding in Bali! Yeay!

It’s really a wonderful moment when your best friends got married. I know these two love birds for quite a while...

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2012!! my blog begins..

I should have written in my blog years ago! But better late than never, right?

So, starting from 2012 I am going to write my traveling stories, some personal stuff and many others…Well I wont be able ...

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