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singing at Locafore Jazz Fest

It’s a HOT Sunday! Thank goodness I chose to put on this white t-shirt earlier instead of the dark grey one. It really makes a difference I guess. Walking around sweating, I try to find my stage.

Locafore is an annual Art, Design, and Jazz Festival held in Kota Baru Parahyangan Bandung. People come here to see free jazz performances and check out some showcases of fine art, designs, handicrafts and photography. Interesting, right? 2012 is its third year and they have some local’s big names like Tompi, Barry Likumahuwa, the Groove and Margie Segers performing here...

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a date in Universal Studios Singapore

Me and my boyfriend decided to have a fun date last Monday. So we flew to Singapore and spent the whole day in Universal Studios Singapore. Woohhooo. I think probably everyone I know has been there, since it’s the most exciting place in Singapore at the moment. I also have been to Universal Studios before; but the one I went to was Universal Studios in Los Angeles back in 2008. It was a lot of fun, but I was ALONE exploring the park in L.A! So this time I was sooo thrilled that I got the chance to experience it again with a perfect company!

We landed in Changi Airport and took the MRT all t...

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24 Hours in Bali for my Birthday…


Me and my bestie celebrated my Birthday on February 15th in BALI! It’s just a one day trip so we should make it fun all day long. We flew to Bali from Surabaya at 6 o c’clock in the morning and landed in Bali at 8 am. My friend helped me find a rental car for a very cheap price, Rp. 150.000 for 24 hours and the owner waited at the airport for us when we arrived. He handed us the key, and the car was all ours. Yeay!

15 Februari 2012, tepat di hari ulang tahun, gue mendarat di Bali pake pesawat baling-baling dari Surabaya. Berangkat jam 6, sampai jam 8 pagi...

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a bestfriend wedding.

James and Christy’s wedding in Bali! Yeay!

It’s really a wonderful moment when your best friends got married. I know these two love birds for quite a while. James is a famous MC in Bandung and Christy is Batik Business Woman from Pekalongan. They met, fell in love and keep marching up to their beautiful wedding day in Bali. They chose Tirtha Luhur Chapel, a stunning property with glass paneled wall with ocean frontage, offering 180 degree uninterrupted Indian Ocean views from a towering 100 meter cliff. Beautiful. I was booked as their MC for the night ceremony and it was an honor...

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2012!! my blog begins..

I should have written in my blog years ago! But better late than never, right?

So, starting from 2012 I am going to write my traveling stories, some personal stuff and many others…Well I wont be able to write every single one of them.. I will probably write 25 percents out of all things going on in my life (plus some cool pics!!) ..or maybe less..but we’ll see what I can do. My best journal will always be in my own memory..but I’ll try to write some of them down. Okay, ENJOY now~


GOD bless you all !!


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