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Shining - Olive Latuputty (USA Orders Only)

Olive's first gospel album released to the US. Produced by Olive Latuputty and David Tities Salanggamo. Includes the hits:

Lovely Day
My Everything
No Longer I
Lord, My God
I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever
Kemuliaan Bagi Tuhan (selah)
Blessed Assurance
I Worship U

Fantasy - Olive Latuputty (USA Orders Only)      

Olive's second album entitled Fantasy. Includes the hits:

part time lover
and I love him
do that to me one more time
careless whisper
I don't want to talk about it
you are the sunshine of my life
blue moon
if you leave me now

You - Olive Latuputty (USA Orders Only)      

Olive's first solo album with these favorites:

let's fall in love
saving all my love for you
in the name of love
it might be you
how deep is your love
moody's mood
just the two of us
if we hold on together
that's all

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