DEER meat in KOI Kemang!

inside KOI Kemang

Another fave spot in Kemang, Jakarta. I first came to KOI several years ago at my best friend’s farewell party. I recognized the good quality of the food back then. But these past two years on my second, third, and so on visit with my boyfriend, I really became a regular of this restaurant. They seriously have lots of nice food in store. Combined with a great vibe and comfortable seating, KOI is probably our top 5 choice of places to dine in Jakarta. Finding a parking spot  outside the building is tricky sometimes, especially on busy weekends, but we always managed.

What to recommend? First, try the Venison (deer meat/daging rusa) with balsamic vinegar sauce (kalo gak salah sekitar Rp.140.000 an). It was a delicious tasting dish and worth every dime. Just make sure you order it to the right waiter/waitress. One time I came to KOI and craved for a plate of venison. So I ordered. But the waitress serving us looked confused and said that there was no venison on the menu, and they never sell any venison in KOI.  I said “What”? I explained to her what venison was and I even told her that we ate it several times in KOI before, but she insisted.  “Nop, never heard of it…maybe you ate it somewhere else”, she said. We thought probably they just don’t have it anymore. So we gave up and ordered something else. A few minutes later, while looking reading the writings on the walls, I found ‘venison’ written on their special blackboard menu on the wall. We called another waitress, and asked; and this other waitress said “Of course we have venison on the menu! It’s really good. Do you wanna try one?”. DUH!

the look of one of their food

So yeah, we come back here many times even the service’s NOT excellent.  😀 Anyways, another food to try is their Homemade Spinach Parmesan soup (Rp.35.000). It’s good! The steaks and roast chicken are fine too. Their Garlic Frog Legs (Rp.60.000), Escargot Gratin (Rp.40.000), Traditional Spaghetti Aglio Olio + Chicken (Rp.75.000), and Caesar Salad (Rp.80.000) are also quite recommendable, tho not the best I ever tasted. As for the drinks, except for the ‘Strawberry Mojito’, you can try some cocktails they have, or open a bottle of wine for special occasion. They have a nice collection.

Basically I like the ambiance of this place and talking about it makes me hungry. See ya there, foodies!


there is a pleasure in sharing where the good food is. @shiningliv

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